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In addition to your Vanuatu Passport and its benefits, we are able to provide you with  additional one-stop "value-added" services upon request.

These services include further essential documents for identification purposes, driving, financial, business, real estate, touristic options, professional referrals and general advice.

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   BUSINESS                    BANKING                REAL ESTATE          PASSPORT SERVICES
Bank Account Opening

Establishing Residency

Tax and Tax ID matters

Obtaining a National ID Card

Investment Advice
Property Rental or Investment

Vanuatu On-Shore/Offshore Company

Establishing Residency in UAE

Documentation Support

Certifications, replacement of documents, 
supplementary documents
Vanuatu paradise is a peaceful island nation in the South Pacific and conducive as your work place. It offers investors and residents a great environment for work and play, as well as real tax incentives.


With a stable political and economic environment, its a great destination for conducting business. Our scenic beaches, rich rain forests, and timeless culture, Vanuatu is the perfect place to live and raise your family. As the happiest place in the world, it delivers as a competitive work place and your piece of paradise

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