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SINCE 2017

Pacific Stars Consultant Vanuatu Ltd is Vanuatu's leading Citizenship Service Agent as appointed by the Government of The Republic of Vanuatu under the Vanuatu Development Support Program (VDSP). The Program was established on the 13th Day of March 2017 under the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission.


The Agency's exceptional performance has awarded the business a licence extension for another eight (8) years renewable ahead of others, as co-signed into legal effect by the Corporate Director and Commissioner on 10am Friday 3 May 2019.  Managed by a team of experienced industry professionals, PSCVL has a strong network of business connections, acquaintance and relations in all pertinent areas of society including business, the financial and legal sector, media and local government. We exist to provide a professional service and speedy processing of your application according to the structure, terms of service engagement, procedures and time line in place. We provide clients with timely advice, professional customer care and guidance throughout to ensure your application is processed successfully.



The Development Support Program (DSP) was enacted by the Vanuatu Government under the Honorary Citizenship Regulation of the Citizenship Act [Cap 112] Section 20. Regulation Order No. 215 of 2016.The Development Support Program which was made by the Prime Minister on the 15th day of December 2016 and took effect on 01 January 2017.The Privileges for the Honorary Citizenship under the Development Support Program was prescribed by his Excellency, the President of the Republic Of Vanuatu under Privileges for Honorary Citizenship (Development Support Program) Order No.216 of 2016.


The Commission has hereby legally appointed Pacific Stars Consultant Vanuatu Limited, PO Box 5045 Port Vila, Republic Of Vanuatu Tel +678 7115000 Email Website as a program Agent to market the Development Support Program Worldwide.

Pacific Stars Vanuatu also offers you Vanuatu PR (Permanent Residency) known as the Green Card which is also very convenient and in 2024, an investment into the Vanuatu Cocoa Industry as an official agent under CIIP (Capital Investment Immigration Program). In addition, we also provide a range of additional services as featured under our sub section of Value Added Services.

Today, we also offer PR (Permanent Residency) and Official Agent for CIIP - Cocoa.


Legal Business Certification

  BUSINESS LICENSE          2024 DSP CERTIFICATE                   VFSC 2024                          REFERENCE

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